Aereo TV – brings local broadcast over the air into your hands. No Cable Required! Not so fast say some.

Aereo TV is making waves – broadcast waves. 


With Aereo you can now watch live broadcast television online. No cable required. Did you read that last little sentence. NO CABLE REQUIRED! So yes, this is going to move the content distribution to a WHOLE other level. Who owns something that is free in the air?

Is Aereo coming to a city near you? Check out their site and keep and eye on this story. This is not going to go away as entertainment content delivery shifts have been making their way across the landscape for a decade or more.


The critical importance of user testing proves to cost JCPenney half it’s value. #ux #branding #marketing

Ron Johnson Ousted from CEO spot as JCP loses half it’s value.

Wall Street (and others) are now sharing some perspective about the critical importance of how User Testing proves to be a key factor (as JCP loses half it’s value) and in the ousting of  Ron Johnson as JCP’s CEO.

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Social Media is growing up, and boy what growing pains it has.

Here is my take on 2013 social media.


Migration out of Posterous – it’s closing it’s doors.

Afraid of security on Path – I’m off the trail

Continue to question Facebook – they know too much and I’m sharing less with them.

Still love Twitter – as it continues to be sticky.

WordPress – well – I’m here.

LinkedIn – is all business and they were in the right place at the economic down-turn right time.

Pinterest – still growing – but still female.

Checking out Vine – though being careful of what I’m watching.

Instagram –  how attention deficit can we become?

Tumbler – still tumbling along.

Fouresquare – still checking in as we check it out!

Google+ – well – hmm – it’s GOOGLE for gosh sake!

Curation – plenty of places to play.

Pinterest in Talks to Raise Funding

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Pinterest is in talks to raise a new round of financing that would value the online scrapbooking site at $2 billion to $2.5 billion, said people familiar with the matter.

JohnAyers‘s insight:

Does your higher ed institution have a Pinterst Account? How active, how often, how relevant? I am seeing more an more universities use pinterest as simply a brand extension, but one that (to me) becomes more approachable, and authentic. 

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MediaPost Publications Super Bowl Ads On Mobile Don’t Encourage Brand Interaction 02/05/2013

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Super Bowl Ads On Mobile Don’t Encourage Brand Interaction – 02/05/2013

JohnAyers‘s insight:

Mobile usage during the SuperBowl study not only shows some data, but it also indicates that the far reach of mobile is becoming news in an of itself. As higher ed moves to mobile tools the user will be part of the marketing puzzle. Yes, brand engagement, mobile spend, ROI, all still being work on and worked out – but – it’s been said before, but worth saying again. Mobility is a game changer. Hang on for the ride.

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Mobile Ad Revenues Will Top $11.4 Billion In 2013, Up 19% On 2012. India, China And Display Fuelling The Boost | TechCrunch

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The growing popularity of free mobile content — largely in the form of apps — is having a big impact on mobile advertising, the route that many developers and publishers are taking to monetize that content.

JohnAyers‘s insight:

Will this Boost be fueled by user comfort of the mobile platform, their confidence in the financial landscape, or their own pocketbook?

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Awesome digital, social, marketing inspiration. Play in Google’s Sandbox.

There was a time when a writer and art director sat in a room, brain-stomred a bunch of ideas on a product or service for a client. They would cull the ideas down into a few rock star comps, share them to the team in the agency and then make a fomral presentation to the client.


After some back and forth and ultimatley a sign-off the campaign would be implemented. TV spot, radio, billboard, maybe a print ad or transit signage. 

Are those days still here? Are those practices still relevant?

I say. You bet they are.

And those who are seeking that pure strong concept must not let go. The digital, social, marketing tools we have today – are just that – they are further tools in the toolbox, but he principals still apply.

So where does one find great creative work in the digital age? Go play around and get your hands dirty in the creative sandbox.


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