Pepperdine University Websites

Project Lead, Senior Strategist and UX Manager

Developed strategic direction, introduced Agile and Lean UX principles into implementation and managed all aspects for a complex, enterprise-wide, web redesign. The initiative was inclusive of over 95,000 pages and included hundred’s of stakeholders for Pepperdine University’s six primary websites. The total duration from initial discovery phase through all sites launched was 14 months.

Prior to Web Initiative

Developed a grid system to improve overall user experience, inform internal stakeholders of new content considerations and design thinking. Introduced concept of style tiles (Web StyleTile) to core stakeholders to encourage brand consistency, mobile consideration, grid system and a flat user interface across the University’s web ecosystem.  Additionally, I lead the creation of the initial mobile responsive presentation using the existing web site content (Responsive Layout) prior to the full web redesign initiative.

Project Lead on Full Web Redesign

  • Senior strategist
  • Project management/team leadership
  • Stakeholder discovery/persona development
  • Content strategy/information architecture
  • Creative direction/style guide recommendations
  • User Experience design/usability testing
  • Development review/bug tracking

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