Service Design

Working in the creative and strategic trenches over the past two decades as an art director, creative lead, ux designer and project manager, for digital spaces, leveraging marketing and advertising, building journey maps, developing user personas, creating wire frames, and leading enterprise scale project planning for improved customer experience; I see that Service Design has the ability, if not the responsibility to bring together these and other related disciplines for the benefit of the overall human experience.

Global Service Design Jam

imgresOrganizer, participant, mentor and leader of Global Service Design Jam which focuses on Service Design Thinking. My passion for a service design approach comes from it’s inclusion of the many areas of expertise I have worked in throughout my career. The Global Service Design Jam is a volunteer based event that brings them together in one all encompassing discipline. Below are links to prior service design jams which take place in over 100 cities worldwide.


As the event organizer I have gathered industry experts, mentored service design teams and continue to help build out the community of UX, CX and Service Design practitioners in Southern California.



“You may be familiar with customer journey mapping, which is a tool that allows stakeholders to better understand customer interactions with their product or service over time. The service blueprint contains the customer journey as well as all of the interactions that make that journey possible.”   ( )


Service Design Meetup

Meetup_Logo_2015Founder of LA’s Service Design Meetup Group, to unite the growing community of Service Design practitioners in Southern California. For further details, to be alerted of upcoming events and to join the community, please visit the Meetup site.