Social Media is growing up, and boy what growing pains it has.

Here is my take on 2013 social media.


Migration out of Posterous – it’s closing it’s doors.

Afraid of security on Path – I’m off the trail

Continue to question Facebook – they know too much and I’m sharing less with them.

Still love Twitter – as it continues to be sticky.

WordPress – well – I’m here.

LinkedIn – is all business and they were in the right place at the economic down-turn right time.

Pinterest – still growing – but still female.

Checking out Vine – though being careful of what I’m watching.

Instagram –  how attention deficit can we become?

Tumbler – still tumbling along.

Fouresquare – still checking in as we check it out!

Google+ – well – hmm – it’s GOOGLE for gosh sake!

Curation – plenty of places to play.

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