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There was a time when a writer and art director sat in a room, brain-stomred a bunch of ideas on a product or service for a client. They would cull the ideas down into a few rock star comps, share them to the team in the agency and then make a formal presentation to the client.


After some back and forth and ultimatley a sign-off the campaign would be implemented. TV spot, radio, billboard, maybe a print ad or transit signage. 

Are those days still here? Are those practices still relevant?

I say. You bet they are.

And those who are seeking that pure strong concept must not let go. The digital, social, marketing tools we have today – are just that – they are further tools in the toolbox, but the principals still apply.

So where does one find great creative work in the digital age? Go play around and get your hands dirty in the creative sandbox.


A showcase of marketing campaigns that blend creative genius with digital innovation. See cool stuff. Learn how it was done. Vote on your favorites.

Remember the great VW ads ove the years?  

Check this out


2013: The Year of Digital Identity Development in Higher Education – CASE Social Media

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Becca Ramspott, writer and social media specialist at Frostburg State University, writes about the importance of digital identity development in higher education.

JohnAyers‘s insight:

Becca Ramspott provides a great look at 2013 and an area that I strongly believe will be critical in higher ed markeing. The interactive, digital, social brand across mutliple channels, for the ever-increasing savvy and shor attention span user.

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CASE Social Media

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The CASE Social Media blog explores trends and best practices in the use of social media in educational advancement.

JohnAyers‘s insight:

In this CASE post, the truth has emerged. One’s identity is social, digital and to some degree a marketing aspect of who you are. I would add that this is precisely what it is for an entity, including a corporation, an individual, and yes, a higher ed institution.

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The Crisis in Higher Education | MIT Technology Review | Neuroanthropology

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Online versions of college courses are attracting hundreds of thousands of students, millions of dollars in funding, and accolades from university administrators. Is this a fad, or is higher education about to get the overhaul it needs?

JohnAyers‘s insight:

WhatWhat do you think? 


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