Digital Disruption in the University System. What does the future hold? #highered #edu #edtech


For some time I have shared several blog posts, commentary and insights into how the digital revolution is changing nearly every industry.

The print media, the television media, the way we purchase, trade, sell, research, create, produce and manufacture has all been or is continuing to be fundamentally changed by the introduction of digital technology.

Education too has seen some substantial shifts over the past decade – and recently these changes are way beyond the ‘smartboard’ in a classroom.

K-12 districts are looking seriously at the tablet devices and cloud computing for instruction going forward.

Khan, Coursera, Ted, YouTube and others are offering on-line education (essentially) for free.

So what does the future hold for Higher Education? Where will Universities and Colleges fit in?

Universities are here today, and will be here tomorrow. Those in higher ed that do not adapt to the changing landscape will likely sucumb to those that do.

Offering on-line course-work is critical to staying relevant and providing service to a demanding student demographic of all ages.

However, the important and effectivenes of real-world, tangible, in-person, experiential face-to-face time will not go away any time soon.

Though the digital transformation is here in higher ed, and continues at an amazing rate, I love the perspective shared recently in this article in The Atlantic.

There are many bumper sticker lines that come out of this article – one of note: Campuses Count.

Thanks to Learning on Pinterest for the InfoGraphic. See more here.

Or check out more ed infographics at eLearning On Pinterest too!

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