[VIDEO] Love em or hate em… Google knows what they’re doing. #UX

This is my personal call to STOP MAKING BAD WEB SITES.

With years in design, art direction and creative direction, I am focusing much of my attention on User Experience [Interaction/Interface design]. Utilizing my knowledge of core grid systems, incorporating the user’s needs and motivations and fully realizing the potential of the medium and the platforms we have available to us. Not to mention those to come. I hope we can all agree we can make web sites… but making truer tactile digital experiences, that is the goal.

If you don’t like how Google is doing some things or maybe you think they’re taking over the world, demanding all others to follow their tracks. Well you may be right.  BUT, it must not be forgotten what else they have brought to the globe. And this is a list that is long and growing.

Case in point.

I have been very fortunate to have experienced many countries and traveled to most of our United States. Along these travels, I have often visited art museums, but many don’t have that ability – until now. To see what greatness is found throughout the world. What we beleive to be great, to learn about these works of art and to share them with others.

As a creative professional with a focus on UX and the social media platforms, I look to the future of how we are going to be using digital content to inform and connect. As a parent, I am encouraged when I find sites like the GOGGLE ART PROJECT. My kids and yours, and those across the globe, with access and the click of a mouse or a point of a finger can go to the TATE in London, The Vang Gogh in Amsterdam or the Kampa in Prague.

Would love to chat further, but I am headed to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

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