Do you have a SMART telephone? If you don’t most believe the whole world will soon. #cisco

Was on Linked-in navigating through some of the new tools they are rolling out and noticed in the lower right hand corner of the page a survey being conducted by Cisco. Though I generally would not participate… the subject being assessed was quite interesting.

Not sure how long this has been running, but noticed it had over 1200 votes and will be going for another 3 months.

Cisco has long been a player in the tech sector, but they, along with other big hitters are really ramping up while at the same time are forced to constantly assess if they are ramping up in the right direction.

Certainly not an exhaustive, scientific study, but it was rather alarming that smartphone ran away with the first place position. Is it that we can only see a few months behind and in front of us with technology? Smartphones are the craze currently. But with the intro of the new Google Laptop – CHROMEBOOK – is real ‘cloud computing’ going to take it’s place?

What’s next? Flying cars and jet packs?



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