The critical importance of understanding #HigherEd touch-points.

Many of us are working in a more nimble manner and we have become more flexible at such a finite level and are finding new information and absorbing it, discounting it, responding to it or embracing it at an alarming rate. That is just the way ‘things’ are today; technology, communications, mobility, data democracy, cloud computing and the entire connected nature of all of us.

As we each are pulled, pushed or are doing some of the pulling and pushing of information we are still human beings. We think, we feel, we emote, we grow, we change, and because of this fact, the way in which we consume information may have evolved, but the essence of our pure/true human nature has not.

We still value honesty, authenticity, and the real-world experiences that move us at a deeper level. Basically, we each want real relationships and life experiences that bring us that sense of being alive and having a purpose to our lives.

Adverstising in the 1950’s understood this at the basic level and often tapped into it. However the mode at which we share today has changed.

A recent article on Higher Ed, branding and the landscape going forward hit on some key areas that I urge you to read. Powerful insight and perspectives to consider.…


There are plenty of graphic representations of these TOUCH POINTS – here are a few.

customer-touch-points.gif 557×462 pixels

Amazing graphic of customer experience touchpoints – Chief Marketing Technologist

brandtouchpoints.gif 495×393 pixels

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