If you are a teacher, have taught, are a student or have been a student. EVER. Than please watch this.

Are you a TED talks fan? You may have seen this. Sir Ken Robinson fan? You may have seen this.


If you are doing things the way you have in the past, you may not have even heard of TED or Mr Robinson’s talks on education.

I love future technology and (in some respects) am also frightened by it. Not by it alone, but rather by our inability to adapt and utlize it in a positive growth manner.

Stop doing what worked in the past, including education, it’s not working. 

“Some people say we need to raise standards…” Oh Really? What a break through! 

The fact is (as shared in this video) education today is based (in great part) still on the form it was developed over a century ago. We were on horses, without telephones. Now we are not. So as everything else has changed, so too must academia from K-12 and Higher Ed as well.

Those that adapt will actually lead, those that don’t – sadly – will fall behind or worse yet be identified (wrongly) as having a disorder. Rather than me going on… see and hear for yourself a great perspective.

Here is the video – ENJOY!

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