The THIN-SLICING of Advertising. What you should know. #social #media #mobile #marketing

BUZZ WORD FRENZY. Advertising, marketing, branding, strategy, digital, social, mobile, experiential, word-of-mouth, out-of-home, ppc, crm, cpm. STOP!!!

So what [REALLY] is Integrated Marketing Anyway?

In a way, it is all of the above and more.



We are experiencing something that Television has experienced with it’s viewership. 3 channels became a dozen, a dozen became 50 and 50 became thousands of network and cable channels. So in effect, the pieces of the pie have been sliced so very very, very thin.

Similarly we are now witnessing the thin slicing of advertising. You can call it what you want, but at the end of the day, it is one’s attempt to get another to feel or do something. And now, those of us in the space are seeking the ideal ways in which best to utilize the tools within a given time frame and budget.

Is print really dead? Are banner ads dead? Word-of-mouth can be great when it works, is social media the most cost-effective? What about the consideration of branding vs a true hard sell call-to-action? If you are not considering all of these and more in the process, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your client(s). 

Oh, and then there is the realities of budget and results and client expectations and being honest with the target audience about the true value of the product or service.The list goes on.

I have found that I do more daily professional development now than I ever have. That is to say, I read more, I sit in on webinars, attend lectures, meetings and explore the digital landscape for new ideas and creative attempts. 

The questions (for me) often align with what I believe in – which is a full 360º approach if/when possible.

Keep your ears and eyes to your audience, know what they are needing and wanting and be certain you are placing the solution for them when and where they want and are ready to absorb it. Most important be authentic in your communication or you can get smashed into pieces.

Check out this recent article on display ads – worth the read.



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