Will #Apple and #Amazon merge? #Digital #disruption becoming expected.

Will Apple and Amazon merge? (Considered in the EPIC 2020 video) Who and what will Google own in the future?

Digital disruption is becoming expected and the future is sure to be dramatically different in the next 5-10 years.

Disruption: To start us off – if you have not yet viewed Mary Meeker’s slideshow – it is a must!

Thanks to Getelastic for this graph. 



In Education: Here are just a few to consider.

MIT, Khan Academy Partner on Instructional Videos

Michigan Program provides new learning exprience.

Stanford Experiment in WIRED

YouTube launches Education Tube

TED Talks releases Ted Ed beta

And a great visual from Visual.ly


and I would now add a few more




For Entertainment: Where do we begin? 






and the list goes on…


Technology: Here again – the list of technology aspects that are constantly being disrupted is remarkable. Will we need Microsoft of Adobe [creative suite] and others  if Google offers numerous apps for little to no fee with auto-updates via the cloud.

With this in mind – I would say that Cloud Computing is one of the key components going forward that will fundamentally change the way technology lives and by default – how we live.

Enjoy this: http://itechfuture.com/

Still waiting for us to all be flying around with jet-packs!


All for now.


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