Cloud Computing. Almost everything you wanted to know-but were afraid to ask.

Cloud computing is THE trending topic of this decade.

Apple just announced iCloud – 
Google is becoming the Cloud – just ask them.
and what is the Chromebook anyway.
How do they compare you ask? Well, see Computerworld
Ok, Ok, so there are a few more companies to watch… so rather than go into each one and confuse both of us… here is a great list of Cloud Companies to watch.

Cloud computing may kill a lot of major companies. Technology is making billions for some and a few years later corporations that were huge are circling the drain.

Will the cloud re-define the need for applications ? and hard drives ? and many other elements that seemed to be infallible?

Who needs a hard drive if you don’t need software. And if technology gets smaller, more portable, will it become part of other elements.
Buy a TV it has the device. Buy a car, it’s part of the dash. Redo your kitchen it’s built into the system.

All of these “Jetson” cartoon ideas have been around, they are real today, but they are all getting a dose of steroids with Cloud computing. The question may be are we ready for it. Is it secure, is it better, faster, smarter, safer?

On to entertainment….

I would venture to say that with that in mind… CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT will be a close second very soon.

A movie use to be in a theater,  a show use to be on a television and a song use to be on the radio. We went through the days of albums, tapes, cds and mp3’s in music, we saw movies being adapted for VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray for home consumption. We are watching TV take on many forms as people watch it on the DVR… or an entire season via iTunes.

But what is next is rather interesting and exciting for some and completely frightening to others.

Rather than tip-toeing around it… have you checked out Bamboom yet? Great article just came out about it at All Things D
This includes the discussion that free entertainment may never be free… but will that change.

If you have a Netflix account and you’re watching a Movie at home in your den with your slippers on, with a bowl of popcorn, with your dog at your feet…. and then the phone rings and you forgot you had to be somewhere…  NO WORRIES…
pause the movie… continue watching it on your iPhone… stop it again…. watch it on your laptop… stop again… watch it while visiting grandma in Minnesota. It doesn’t matter… because Netflix sees you as an account. A user who has paid for creative content and should be able to use, view, consume it whenever and wherever you want.

The tricky part and where the line continues to be redrawn is the notion of the cloud.
If “IT” as in “ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT” is already out there, floating in the air, then if you have the technology (antenna)… to consume it, it is yours.

Not so fast say some… while others say. YES.

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