MOMS: Authentic Cause Marketers in the Purest Form. #mothersday #cause

If my mom were a marketing campaign she wouldn’t be selling anything, she would be sharing information.Moms are like that aren’t they? They tend to guide their consumer, don’t they? Helping, caring, providing support, bridging the gap, being there for the need at hand. 

A user of a digital experience, a consumer of a retail store, a customer to a service provided… should these not all be treated the same way? Ideally the best in UX design goes hand-in-hand with honest, cause related marketing. Provide the information for an individual or a group (target demo) to make good decisions. A best choice option for themselves will likely also be better for the world around them and the greater good.

In honor of Mother’s Day and moms around the world.  I thought it would be a nice time to share some of the finest cause marketing sites and campaigns with you.

Don’t shout or oversell. Just simply share emotionally, heart-felt support or solutions to the user experience, to your customer, the consumer in all of us… and you will be moving someone to action. And THAT is the goal. To move someone to feel or do something because of the communications provided to them and it’s a powerful message when it is positive all the way around.

Here are a few great sites to start with:

All things about the “cause”

What is the Halo Award?

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