[VIDEO] Tweets in Realtime. Social media, new technology and breaking global news.

With the news that Osama Bin Laden is dead, comes with it emotions from one side of the spectrum to the other. There is also the news media, the talking heads, the political jockeying, and there is also the ‘real time’ world of dialogue seen in social media.

Although at times it is one-way communication more than two way or group discussion… the entire earth is slowly becoming part of the conversation.
As more and more developing countries and cultures move into the digital age… this will only continue.

I found this event and the hashtag #osamabinladen and others – as noted in the screenshot to be rather amazing.
The social in social media is growing. The world is becoming flatter as we moving into cloud computing, mobile technology and instant global communications.


Just captured this video using Jing and posted it to screencast…
Check it out… to follow these tweets in real time is difficult as you will see in the video.

View on screencast.com »

If you are interested in what is being said and who is saying it… you can tap the pause button on lower left.

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