#Kids play 10,000 hours of #video #games. A look at Pro social games and why #parents should know about them.

There are (at times) videos such as those found at TED talks that inspire me, concern me, motivate me and I will share them.

This video (not from TED) came in to my in-box this morning and I had to share it. 

fora.tv – (the world is thinking) offers up a discussion that has been bouncing around for years… what is the effect of video games on our children’s development?  First person shooters have been one of the focuses… if a child plays violent games for 10,000 hours there is reasonable concern this may have a negative impact on the child’s behavior. 

Researchers are flipping this upside down and asking … Can games be positive to your child? Can games have a social impact to benefit your child’s behavior? If so, what games, how, how much, how often, to what degree?

I suggest, that if you are a young gamer, have kids that are playing, you should be informed. This talk will help you start at the tip of the ice berg on this discussion.   

These are just a few of the many, many articles, studies and finding on this subject.
What is a ProSocial Video Game? Learn here. or see complete research pdf
This is a great article worth reading; PsycologyToday
Amazing research if you have interest can be found here. 
And have a look at this from Education.com

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