No more Facebook. Why some major Tech Gurus are deleting their Facebook account.

Yes, Leo Laporte the Tech Guy (as he is known) has left Facebook. He has signed off. Deleted his account. Primarily because of the same reason I and others have become ever more concerned… The issue is PRIVACY.

With over 50 settings, over 170 options,AND Facebook constantly changing their policy… nobody, I mean even Matt Zuckerberg really knows what their privacy settings are… and THAT is the issue.

This is not by accident, and it is not to help the individual, it is to confuse us, the user. It is exactly the opposite of what SOCIAL media is really about. Remember Web 2.0. – two way communication, Web 3.0, social communication…
In 2005, FACBOOK’s privacy policy was 1004 words. Today, 2010 it is over 5800 words (longer than the US Constitution). These aren’t my numbers, I found these in a recent article.

Here is the fact. If you are ON Facebook, and you post something/anything – just be rest-assured that your information is PUBLIC.
There were some great info-graphics in the NY Times that you must check out.

Truth be told, I use Facebook, try to keep up with the settings, enjoy the connections, navigate it for work, friends and family… but I and others are watching VERY closely, as we all together are going through the social media experiment.

For now, I will stay on Facebook, and keep my eyes and ears wide open.
OK, if you’re interested… you can find me at Facebook here:

If you want to read more on the Facebook Privacy issue there is a great number of blogs, articles and stories, here are a few:


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