Launch of The OPEN Daily. NEW MEDIA changing the face of news and information.

Recently I (and two colleagues) launched The OPEN Daily, an essential guide to the Westside of Los Angeles which welcomes contributors and bloggers to share their news, stories or events.  Information about your community and how you can plug in. A concept that is a perfect opportunity for locally based issues to be shared and discussed in a public forum. A venue for local bloggers to have a bigger voice. A digital daily publication that is delivered directly to subscribers via email and shared on Twitter and Facebook. 

The OPEN Daily is about stories that have more of a direct and therefore tangible meaning to your life; a road closure in your neighborhood, a school event, health and fitness spots in your area, business updates, community action, entertainment just around the corner or a new restaurant that opened up.

The eco-minded, family friendly readership that is the current core of The OPEN Daily is helping to make it a full digital publication. The OPEN Daily also has some (well-received) pro contributors to provide expert advice that range from “Tax Tips”, to “Navigating a Farmer’s Market”.  The early success of The OPEN Daily, is most likely due to the Free Subscription and Free Submission with some cost effective advertising to sustain the model. 

This recent post from Mashable discusses this very scenario.

The Future Newsroom: Lean, Open and Social Media-Savvy

On the campus of Penn State University, a rivalry between a rogue campus blog and the official newspaper has become a fascinating mirror of the strife between old and new media. In only a matter of months, the unofficial campus blog Onward State, has marshaled the power of social media to compete with the award winning 112-year-old campus paper The Daily Collegian. With one-tenth of the Collegian’s staff size, Onward State has constructed a virtual newsroom that collaborates in real-time with Google Wave, outsourced its tip-line to Twitter, and is unabashed about linking to a competitor’s story.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this sociological Petri dish is that many of the players began as teenagers. In other words, the old/new media rivalry might not be generational, but ideological. What follows is a practical look at the successful social media strategies of Onward State, and a comparison of the world views of two camps of student journalists and their professional counterparts — a comparison that portends a long war to come.

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