Live From Daryl’s House with Daryl Hall :: Episode 23

Over a decade or so ago… the MUSIC industry was asking what’s their future. Napster, then iTunes kinda determined much of the past decade or so. Here we se a few legends (Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall) getting together, jamming in an intimate, revealing setting.
So why blog about this?? Couple reasons.
I have been a big fan of both of these artists and their craft. Todd has been on the forefront of the Macintosh industry and quite honestly on the forefront of many evangelizing thoughts in music, entertainment and technology. Daryl Hall has been such an incredibly prolific talent that was written off as a pop artist; but in my opinion has always stayed true to his talent of producing killer soulful music. If you’re wondering about his R&B side… check out some of the early Hall and Oates work.

What I see here, is a wonderful insight into these talent artists presented in a blog format completely accessible. Sure, new upcoming artists have been doing this via MySpace, youtube and the countless other music driven sites out there… but this is different. These guys have a huge, long history, proven track record… Look for more of the legends of entertainment to tap into the social media world to truly connect to each other and share their talents in a direct way with their fans.

Love it!

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