Top sites, who visits them, what is their age, what’s their salary and more amazing info.

While tripping through my google alerts, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and Linked-in contacts; somewhere (I frankly don’t recall) I came across “Quantcast.”Like Alexa, they’ve been around a while, I’ve heard of them, but have not checked ’em out until now. Probably, because I am not an analytics guy. In fact, I kinda hate the stuff.

Being more of a creative, strategy minded marketer… I tend to work from a common sense, instinctual, visceral place.  However, I am well aware of the importance of knowing your audience, competition, market share and the like. Quantcast, is a user friendly web site that allows you to drill down into a company’s site, it’s visitors and more. 

I hold a weekly #entsm (entertainment social media) Tweetchat ( ) so with that in mind… I thought I would take it to the test.

Typed in and clicked enter. 
In the Summary tab here is what I found.
NOTE: (This took me about 3.8 seconds to execute)

There is so much information here that is really valuable.
As you can see, you can drill down to the details of geographic, demographic, lifestyle and other.
See other sites this Hulu audience also likes, on the right-hand side.
I really don’t like giving free advertising for a company that isn’t paying me… but Quantcast is a tool I will be looking at in greater detail.
Powerful stuff.

Hulu 23.3M

Monthly US People


Global People

Four Month Trend 13.4M

Monthly US People


Global People

Four Month Trend


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