Entertainment Social Media Marketing Weekly Tweetchat

08.15.2009 ? GravityTen is proud to announce the launch of #entsm a weekly tweetchat, beginning Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 at 8pm PDT.

#entsm will bring together Entertainment Social Media minds to discuss best practices in Entertainment Marketing. This weekly event will provide a forum to exchange ideas surrounding topics of New Media and Social Networking tools that are used to assist in the branding (and marketing) of entertainment content.

The tweetchat will be moderated by @johnayers and will focus on a few key topics each week. Example discussion topics may include Brand Building, On-line Strategy, Personal Brands, the role of Traditional Media, Word-of-Mouth, Successes/Failures, Social Media Listening, Aggregation, Studios/Networks and more. Discussion topic suggestions are encouraged and will be accepted prior to each tweetchat. All subject matter will pertain directly to the marketing of entertainment content in today’s landscape.

Who should participate?
Social Media Marketers. Actors, Directors, Producers with high-level personal brands. Strategy and Advertising professionals for the entertainment industry. Social networking masters. New media evangelists. Content developers including studios, networks and on-line. CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s. Traditional agencies that service the industry. Creative directors, art directors, writers, account managers, media buyers, support staff, publicity gurus and public relation experts are all encouraged to participate.

Look for updates using #entsm or follow @johnayers
Twitter http://twitter.com/johnayers
Facebook http://tinyurl.com/kpqmnm
Linked-In http://tinyurl.com/moojqe

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