Ben Stiller Discovers Social Media [VIDEO]

  • ben stillerWe already know that savvy celebrities are on Twitter, have Facebook fan pages, and engage with fans directly online. A few, however, have been more than a little late to the social web party.

    One such celebrity, Ben Stiller, isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself for discovering the joys of Facebook (Facebook) and Twitter (Twitter) a little behind the curve. Stiller, a brand new Twitterer (@RedHourBen) with just two tweets and 4,992 followers, is ready to let us all know that he is online, and even using Tweetdeck (TweetDeck) to post to both Twitter and Facebook.

    Ben is also fresh on Facebook, and in true Ben Stiller fashion he created a video dripping with dry humor, complete with a fake family, just to let us — his new fans and followers — know that he is, in fact, online. We love it.

    Congrats, Ben. It does seem as if you get it now. Now you should join us on Mashchat sometime, so we can quiz you on Facebook status updates, tweets, Twitter clients, and all the other great web stuff you’re bound to be exposed to now that you’re online.

User reviews: Facebook, TweetDeck, Twitter

Way to go Ben Stiller! Twitter – @redhourben and

Branding, Co-Branding and Corporate Branding has never before been turned so upside down as it is now. Ben Stiller has jumped in!

The opportunities are endless for an individual to utilize current social media tools to brand themselves to their existing demo where they can build brand loyalty, and also extend the reach of their personal brand to a new audience.

I have spoken to numerous on-line branding peeps about this very subject and because of my entertainment marketing experience I have encouraged those in the entertainment space to jump in.

Yet, the studios and networks in general are still cautious of over-exposing their content for fear that the brands they put forth will be misrepresented.

Those at the top of the food chain have the greatest impact. See my previous post:

And then follow and friend Ben!

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