WorkBook Project presents #DIYDAYS, a conference series for creators @DIYDAYS

Over the past couple of years, I have been involved with GravityTen, – a collaboration of professionals with years of creative experience, offering innovative solutions in strategy, design, print, web, broadcast, social media, and beyond.

We believe that the traditional business model of the past is evolving to reflect the world around us. Our partnership concept is born from honesty, is community based, mutually supportive and socially conscious.

Our talented group of independent thinkers has worked on award-winning films, national commercials, successful show launches, branding strategies, breakthrough sound design and unique internet solutions.

Because we have partners and associates in many aspects of strategic thinking and creative delivery, collaboration is in our DNA. The DIYDAYS ( initiative, reflects our concept perfectly. We are so pleased to see these efforts and believe we will see more of this framework in the future.

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