Are You a Visual Thinker?

How do we learn? How do we best communicate or share our ideas?

 As a visual thinker, I tend to pull out a paper and pencil in most conversations and start to draw a graphic representation of what is being discussed. Some people look at me like I’m crazy and others look at me and say, “Thanks, now I get what we are talking about.”

 When I saw mashable’s post this morning ( 6 Gorgeous Twitter Visualizations – ) it made me remember a long-standing observation of mine, that (generally speaking) people can be broken into two categories, visual and non-visual thinkers.


Working in advertising it has been a joy to present creative to the visual thinkers in the room. Presenting a campaign to non-visual thinkers tends to be a different meeting. The dialogue starts and evolves differently, often arriving at the same conclusion as visually based discussions.
Then I saw a visual Steven Rubel shared yesterday via or via steve at


And just this morning I found this image via


Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a friend of mine who just finished his book The Gort Cloud. The Gort Cloud is a vast, largely invisible and growing ‘community’ that sieves, measures and exchanges information on green products and services. A great visual video here.
I love the Twitter visuals (as noted above) and wanted to give a plug to common craft. I don’t know them and am not getting any kick backs, but they sure have a fun style of simple teaching that is accessible and yes it is a VISUAL approach to a lot of subjects. visit


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