100 years of Health Care Reform efforts in 8 minutes

100 years of Health Care Reform efforts in 8 minutes


t the health Care forum Saturday night Professor Ted Brown gave a wonderfully powerful and engrossing speech where he provided a rich overview of the history of Health Care reform here in the United States.  Ladkiddo wrote this in our first impressions of Saturday’s Health Care forum.

Historian/U of R Professor Theodore Brown: Use of scare tactics against progressive causes is not new. He showed examples of campaigns for universal health care dating back to 1912(this all started with Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moose Party).  A national health care plan was in the works when FDR died and Harry Truman grabbed the baton and ran with it, but just as we see smear campaigns trying to destroy the single-payer initiative today, the private insurer’s propaganda did it’s job well.  We can’t allow this to happen again.

Well, I’ve condensed the speech to 8 minutes (it was tough).  Have a listen and check out the slides that he uses.


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