People Planet Profit Group now on Facebook

As someone who use to be yelled at because I was driving my motorcycle too fast down a quiet street… I now have become the one doing the yelling.

You may know that I have been active in the community over the past several years in an attempt to help the greater good. Activist? I don’t think so… that takes on a whole negative connotation.

I just like things organized I guess. If something isn’t right, I want to fix it. From the pencil that needs to be sharpened, to the speed bumps that slow down the motorcycle, to the kids in Afghanistan that don’t have a school to learn.

In so doing, I along with others have taken this personal interest in local and global community outreach and gotten involved. We have participated in acquiring grants for education. Created a community joint-use park. Coordinated the adoption of the Mir Botcha Kot school in Afghanistan.

Through OpenMarVista, our first Open Neighborhoods concept; we are creating a LOCAL social networking site to inspire community empowerment. Building a wireless network to encourage digital inclusion and a community based solar program to make renewable energy accessible and affordable.

So get off your chair. Plant trees, help kids, pick up trash, learn about sustainability, demand corporate social responsibility, get involved.


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