This could be a major ‘game changer’ – for mobile, for social, for wi-fi and for you!


Facebook may have just entered a new space… or at least made their footprint a bit more heavy on the digital, mobile and social landscape.

Apparently they are experimenting with Geolocation “check-ins” that will enable a user to access free Wi-Fi.

The massive Facebook user base, plus the mash-up of social, mobile and wireless combined together – can truly shift (once again) the way we all communicate, work, share, live. It is already happening which only adds to the adoption rate of this concept.

You may be aware, there has been a substantial movement to make wi-fi free and available to all and this dates back to 2008.

Threre also has been an massive growth in the quantity of mobile devices that have already changed the way we live.  Add in a dash of the social media growth and we have the recipe for digital disruption of everything. 

Bandwidth still tends to be an issue or at the very least a ‘friction point’ for a positive user experience. 

Equipped with an iPad, I ‘check in’ at a local retailer shop and I’m in.

I was involved in a start-up company that developed a local social network based on the Ning platform and in-turn we launched a local area wireless mesh network based on the Meraki Free The Net concept launched a few years back. It can work and the time might be right.

Facebook/Wi-Fi – Check out the full article at LATIMES.