Advertising Spending in 2013 does not look good* (*Except digital, which looks great!)

No surprise here, but the traditional media marketing, communications methods of the past are slowly (and in some respects-swiftly) giving way to the new media tactics of advertising. I (and you) have likely read countless emails, blog posts, articles, surveys and reports on the shift that is moving the way brands market themselves to their customer base, but this latest article really (for me) is a pivitol point in the transition.


Mobile is exlpodiing, hybrid devices (tablet/desktop) are emerging, and probably most importantly the user/consumer (us) – well we are just more comfortable with the technology. All combined, this makes the digital, interactive space very promising.

Promising for users, consumers, brands, and yes marketers. As I said, no surprise here, but see for yourself in this article from The Wall Street Journal, the numbers are impressive.

The article concludes:


… ” As for individual media categories, Zenith predicts that newspaper ad expenditures will sag 8% next year to $22.9 billion while magazine spending will slip 3.3% to $17.3 billion. TV is expected to rise 2.8% to $63.8 billion while Internet ad spending, which includes things such as mobile, social, display and search ads, is expected to jump 18.1% to $36.2 billion. “…

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