Oh Oh. Now what do we do? #highered in the news. But WAIT! This might be a good thing.

I have spoken, blogged and tweeted and posted the incredible pace at which digital disruption is occuring throughout various industries. 

Education and maybe more specifically – Higher ed may be the perfect storm for the next big shift. 

So many articles are being written, numerous start-ups are taking pokes into the space, various top-notch universities are jumping into the mix and the next generation of leaders are looking closely to determine how, where and when this will all shake out.

Once the dust settles, there is one thing for certain, people will continue to learn.

The questions now surround the how, who, when, where, why, what value, how often, what degree and many other issues. 

TIME has just launched a fairly thourough look at the subject. (image attached from article)


I strongly urge anyone interested in the issues surrounding MOOCs, digital disruption in education, to read the piece. Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Board members, Educational leadership, and others will benefit from it. What is an interesting caveat, I am reading the article both in Print form in the Magazing and in digital form on an iPad. This comes at a point when Newsweek just announced they will no longer be publishing a print version.

and – so it goes.

The world is flattening because of technology, the economy is changing because of tech, society is evolving to meet the new demands and when education; be it K-12 or Higher Ed takes to the technology tools available, all those involved will have to shift to the new market demands.

But don’t fret, from this comes new industry, new occupations, new standards, and new processes. 


Step in, get involved and look around, or you will be left in the past.




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