Google’s Mission Revealed, and it is amazing, because they are delivering. #digital

So you use Google every day, you use the word google as a verb. And so it goes.


I was in fact ‘Googling’ recently, and was interested to learn, what is Google’s mission? It seems they are continuing to do everything in the digital space that I can think of, and much more I haven’t even thought about, and likely other areas they are reaching into evey day.

Outside of the virtual – there is also the truly transformational impact the company is having on so many other aspects, such as mapping, google goggles, the self-driven car and others.

So going back to their mission.

Here it is.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Read the full details and more on their ABOUT PAGE

The reason why I say Goolge is Delivering, is because the fight for first to market now – is the CLOUD… and while I have been an Apple fan, user, adopter and on the inside of the Apple industry in the late 80s-early 90’s – I am slowly becoming a Google believer when it comes to the Cloud.

Their apps, their usability, their social, their mobility, their reach, their impact, their growth, do I need to say more? They are making it happen and the use of the tools and products continues to grow across the globe.

I am not pleased with Apple’s approach to the cloud.   Mobile Me, iDisk, iCloud, AirDrop, ShareFiles within a computer, Share files locally, DropBox this, public folder here or there. I am so frustrated with the way they have handled the usability factor and to see Google actually making way – is remarkable.


I’ll leave you with this – if you haven’t jumped into Google Drive – check it out. 

Still have all the Apple hardware and use many Apple products – but am a bit sour on their Cloud thinking at the moment.



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