Statistics Show Social Media Is Bigger Than You Think ? Socialnomics ? Social Media Blog

I have been researching statistics specific to when people are on (using) the top social media sites and what their behavioral patterns are at that time.

For example, if someone is checking their Facebook page from their desk at work, it may require them to be a bit discreet; just click in, see who’s there and click out.
Or maybe hit Twitter – Tweet a bit and get out.

However, if they are on their Facebook page (or Twitter) at home, maybe they just had dinner and now they are truly “social networking”.

Their mindset is different. But how is it different? What are they seeking at the various times of their day, or week and how can marketers better understand this information to provide intelligent strategies?

Well, I haven’t found exactly what I am looking for but I cam across this… and LOVE it!

If you have information specific to behavior patterns regarding time/day mindset with regards to social media, please share.


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